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Our Hanomag Granit:




Type Granit

Build in 1962

32 HP





Hanomag Granit.


It has took us about three years to restore this tractor. The Hanomag has done in the last decade or two all the work at my fathers farm. My father is now a retired farmer, so the time was ripe to restore this tractor.

We have tried to make the Hanomag as original as possible, except the exhaust. The exhaust should be under the tractor, but we dislike that because every time when you have to do something behind the tractor, you breathe all the dieselfumes. So we have turned the exhaust in the upright position and I have to say that I like it very much, the tractor looks a bit more stout this way.

Unfortunately have we lost the photo's made during the restoration. But the pictures made of the present condition of our Hanomag are much better looking....

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