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Secondhand bookstall.

Slowly but steady is the online bookstall growing. The three shelves are filled with manuals, courses and technical data. The books here are in three different languages: Dutch, German and English.

The scanning and making the works ready to put online is not something for the fast and furious. It takes a lot of time, so please don't expect every week a new work in the bookstall. Also is the acquisition of this kind of books rather expensive, so I really hope that all of you who have a book at home that belongs in this bookstall will contact me, so that I can put your book in the little bookstall too. After all is this a very small effort to make, but it will give many visitors of this site the information that they need. The secondhand bookstall is now already one of the heavy traffic places in, so is it fair to say that it fills a need.


Now in stock:

hanomag with atlas Course:
Landbouwtrekkers van de Stichting Smecoma, this course is written in 1958 and gives a overview of the maintanance and repairs of the tractors in those past days. (About 300 pages, but in the Dutch language)

Landbouwwerktuigen van de Stichting Smecoma this course is written in the early sixties and covers all agricultural machines in those years and comes with many, many pictures and photo's. (About 400 pages, but only in Dutch)

deutz f1m414 Manual:

Deutz F1M 414 (German)
Deutz F1L 612 (German)
Fordson Super Major (German)
Hanomag R55, R 460 en de R 545 (Dutch)
Hela D 117 en D 24 (German)
Lanz Bulldog, model N, P en S (Dutch)
MF 35 motor manual (Dutch)
MF 35 tractor manual (Dutch)

hanomag r27 Technical data:

Hanomag tractors: R 16, R 19, R 22, R 27, R 28, R 35, R35/45, R 45, R 55, K 55, K 60, K 90 (German)

Hanomag Technische Daten Elektrische Ausrüstungen Einstellhinweise und Kontrollmaße sowie Drehmomenttabellen für HANOMAG-RADSCHLEPPER (German)






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