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Some information about the demonstrations that we give and something about our goals for the coming years.



Let me introduce us:

We are Wim, Gerard and Bert Hoogendoorn, this means the father Wim with two of his sons.


Our goal:

We are dedicated to vintage tractors and agricultural machines. In fact are we interested to almost anything that is old. We try to preserve a part of yesterday's machines without commercial meanings. We also give demonstrations with our machines at request, so that not only we but you also can enjoy the techniques of the past.

The last couple of years have we spend a lot of time to restore our Lanz, who is responsible for running our threshing machine on most of the demonstrations that we give.


We are very found of this combination and one of our goals for the coming years is to get another great tractor. This "new" tractor should be a Brons-tractor, a rare Dutch build tractor. Here you can see a picture of the Brons in a deplorable condition, owned by a trader...


Under these lines you can see us mowing the grain with our Lanz, then still in the need to be restored.

If or when you feel the need to support us with preserving and collecting a part of our agricultural heritage, financial or with any other means, you can always contact us.



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