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Below some general information about this website.


First I want to illustrate that these pages are made by Gerard Hoogendoorn by approval of his colleague-hobbyists Wim Hoogendoorn and Bert Hoogendoorn. Bert is my brother and Wim is our father. Every week we choose an evening to meet each other at the formerly farm of my father. In a barn we keep there our collection tractors and machinery and also we work in that barn to maintain and restore our machines. We are also the persons who give every now and then demonstrations with our stuff.

In this site you will sometimes meet other brothers of us. Aart is also a collector, but he lives to far away from us to join our weekly evening or our demonstrations. You can also run into Jan, he doesn't collect, but he is a blacksmith and we borrow every now and then some of his talents with old iron. He likes the old tractors very much, but he can't find enough time to join us.

This site and his author don't strain after any commercial interest by setting up and maintaining this website. It only mine intention to display in this website our collection and I hope that you and the other people who visit these pages will enjoy the time here. Perhaps will this website stimulate somebody else to follow my example to preserve something of our heritage, this is all I intend. Also will I welcome any effort to put ones collection on the Internet, so that more and more people can take notice of our virus. The more websites, the more knowledge will be available.

This site is tested in Internet Explorer 5+ and Netscape 4+. I try to use as less javascript as possible and try also to keep the loading time of the pages as short as possible. But because of the huge amount of photos in this website is sometimes a little patience needed. Though I don't want to meet with a rebuff I now seriously think that the best browser around is Internet Explorer 6, so this site is more or less designed for this browser. People who use Netscape for visiting this pages, will sometimes have a little trouble with the layout of the pages and they are missing lots of fun stuff that is only IE5+ ready. Users of the Opera browser will miss the navigation of this website, because Opera doesn't support the javascript used for the navigationmenu.

All pages are designed for a resolution of 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768, but with other screen resolutions one will not encounter to many problems.

All words, photos and animated pictures are made by the creator of this site or his relatives or they are free of rights downloadable from the Internet. You are allowed to download everything from this site for your own personal use, however if you will use something on another place on the Internet, then you will have to refer to this site and write me a mail.

Almost every photo in this website contains a link to a full scale version of the picture. Each photo will be opened in a new page and when you click on that larger version or the link provided there, you are send back from where you came. I use anchors to archive this.

At the bottom of each lager page is a link to the top of the page. Always the same one: Top....

The navigationmenu works with a javascript. This script is written by Ger Versluis. Visit his site through this link.

The e-cards are possible by a cgi-script by Jason W. Maloney. You can access his site trough this link.

The script of the Guestbook on this site is available from the website of Active scripts. It is very easy to configure. This link will transfer you to the website of Active Scripts.

The other cgi-scripts on this website are under copyright, where they are used you will find credits and links to their sites as well.

At this moment (12-12-2002) is this site already 120 MB in size and contains about 200 directories and roughly 3700 files. I expect the site to grow more in the future because this English part isn't completed yet and I am also still working at the Dutch part.

Don't expect daily updates here, although I use a lot of my spare time behind my computer are there always some other things who need my attention every now and then. Perhaps will I introduce a updatepage in the future.

Wow, this was a lot of typing and searching for words in my dictionary. I have left school already some time ago and I have to confess that I have been better in writing these English words. I suppose that sometimes you will encounter some spelling mistakes or bad grammar, but I hope that my intention will be understood. All that matters is that you enjoy your visit here and of course your visits to the countless other sites on the Internet. I am convinced that thanks to the Internet our hobby has reached a extra level and trough viewing and contacting other hobbyists our curiosity will be nourished and our knowledge will be growing.
Don't forget however that working with or the viewing of a tractor in the real world will give you more pleasure than what al this internetmagic is capable of.


Gerard Hoogendoorn



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