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The Great Dorset Steam Fair.


The Great Dorset Steam Fair is widely recognized as the leading event of its type in the country and, indeed, in Europe. It is held on a mammoth 500 acre site at Tarrant Hinton, near Blandford Forum and is regularly attended by over 200,000 visitors from both the UK and abroad.

The aim of the Great Dorset Steam Fair is to give the public an insight into what the English way of life looked like in the country at the turn of the century when steam power was in it, heyday. To do this we assemble each year probably, the largest collection of steam and vintage equipment to be seen anywhere in the world and take visitors on a giant trip of nostalgia into the days of yesteryear.

Undoubtedly the success of the steam fair is due to every exhibit being shown in the way in which it was originally worked and functioned all those years ago. This working theme has proved to be a winner with the public from the very first show. Overall there are 200 working steam engines and 100 fairground organs at the show together with around 2000 other working exhibits. Everything that was great in British engineering can be seen, it really is a look back at our wonderful heritage when Great Britain was workshop to the world.

The above text is from the website of The Great Dorset Steamfair and I fully agree with the guy who wrote that lines.
We have visited the Steamfair in the year 2000 and we were, this is a understatement, impressed. Although the weather was as British as I feared, we had the time of our life there at the hills of Tarrant Hinton. I took a lot of photographs, scanned them on my hard drive and put them as quickly as I could on this pages, so that every one can enjoy these magnificent machines.

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