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About for to five times a year we go to a demonstration with some of our stuff. The first years we rented some trailers to transport our tractors and machines. We didn't like that at all, it cost money and you are always depending on somebody else. So we decided to build our very own trailer. It had to be big enough to transport the Lanz Bulldog, the treshingmachine and a second tractor, so we looked up lots of old iron and the welding began.
All went really well, only the first time that we loaded our trailer it bent somewhat down in the middle so now the foresection of the trailer is a bit less horizontal then we had hoped, when we welded the trailer.

Our Ford Major is always the tractor to pull the trailer when we are off to a demonstration, because it is our fasted and strongest tractor. Also it is very beautiful to see a large amount of dark smoke from the exhaust of the Major.

Below some pictures how we transport our stuff to a demonstration in our neighborhood. When we have to travel a bit further away, we load the little Deutz also on the trailer, because the travellingspeed of that tractor is less then a snail.

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