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A parade in Uddel.

A few years ago the village where we were born and grew up existed 1200 years. It goes without saying that this anniversary should be celebrated and one of the festivities would be a big parade. And incredible were we also invited to bring our vintage tractors. This was something Uddel remembers; our tractors made the parade lasting forever, because these old vehicles are slow and also sometimes not really willing to proceed. But all went well and we even won the first prize, to my father's delight. Unfortunately it was not a large prize in cash, but a cup is also nice.

Under these lines some photo's of the parade, it starts in the meadow where we first lined up, then some photo's in the village and the last picture shows you our Lanz, who with little appropriate pride carries the cup.


All lined up


Lia with the Hanomag R27


Willemijn with the Hanomag R16


Cor and Mia with the Kramer


Jan with the Hanomag Granit


Aart with the Hanomag R40


Bert with the Ford Major


Me with the Lanz


My parents and the Deutz


A celebrating father Hoogendoorn with Bert , in the background my mother as always asking herself what to do with those children ...




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