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It is not a secret anymore, I suppose, that we are rooted in a small farm, which is situated in a county called "De Veluwe". De Veluwe is one of the Netherlands most beautiful regions, lots of woods, tiny villages and old agricultural areas. There are a lot of small-scale farms and the one where we grew up was one of those small-scale ones. Life was not always easy in the financial aspect, but somehow our parents managed to survive. We were always busy and I have to contradict against the rumour that our main activity existed only by (joy)riding the outworn tractor, although I must admit that driving our Hanomag Granit was the most popular work around our farm. Unfortunately there was always some more talented older brother around, who took care of the more advanced driving. It is not very hard to imagine that for that reason some envy caused temporaly distance between me and my older brothers. I was not the only victim, Bert was even younger then me, so he was at the very bottom of the tractordriving ladder, where I already reached for the first step. Perhaps is this one of the reasons for our tractor collection syndrome, both Bert and me were the youngest male ones of the family.

Almost everything that had to be done in and around our farm was done by ourselves. This included construction work as building barns. This were of course major works for us and most of the time we were ending doing everything with the cooperation of almost the whole family. So despite the hard work we were always having lots of fun and it goes without saying that our tractors also took part in the construction works

After the restoration of our Atlas crane, the Atlas also did a lot of heavy work for us. Despite of our years of work to get the Atlas back in working order, we finally decided to sell the crane to provide us with some more money in our piggy bank, for investing the earned money in "new" old tractors. Fortunately are there still some pics with our Atlas crane left and I am not in the position to deny you those photos. Don't forget to pay attention at another handsome piece of machinery on this pictures, the Faun Grader, Bert has worked a lot of years with this machine.



Breaking down a little wooden shed, this was not in the dangerous asbestos decade, the roofing material went to the refuse dump without interference of the now well known man in astronaut suits...

Pay attention to the small but important detail in the foreground

The homewelded rafters are brought with a little help of the Faun

And yet another masterpiece of machinery

Test of strength, in the background the Kramer with a custom build cabin

Even the youngest are involved in the buildingproces

Although the position of the camera will never deserve a first price, is it
still worth watching two Hanomag tractors in a row

Look, we are getting somewhere

Here we are almost done, so it is time to go to
the next episode



Here the pics with the Atlas in the principal part

These rafters are placed much more easily then those of the above photos

Even lifting a concrete beam is no problem at all anymore

Bert is operating the Atlas and...

Jan and me on higher levels

Time for some relaxation for us, but our Hanomag Granit never
unbends itself, always thinking of all the work that still has
to be done before he will get his more then deserved restoration.
That restoration took place between the years 2000 and 2002,
of course is a page dedicated to our Hanomag Granit available in this website.



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